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Fig. 2

From: PFN2, a novel marker of unfavorable prognosis, is a potential therapeutic target involved in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Fig. 2

IHC analysis of PFN2 protein in adjacent normal tissues and ESCC tissues from Kazakh population. Typical PFN2 immunostaining in a NEE and b ESCC in the Chinese Kazakh population (top image magnification ×40; middle and bottom image magnification ×200; bottom image stands for negative control). PFN2 staining was localized to the nuclei/cytoplasm. c (Box plot) Range of PFN2 expression score in NEE and ESCC tissues (***P < 0.001). d PFN2 expression at the protein level was detected by Western blot analysis in 11 matched pairs of ESCC tissues (T) and adjacent normal tissues (N). β-actin was used as an endogenous control. e Bar chart showing the relative PFN2 protein expression level to β-actin in ESCC tissues and paired NEE tissues (**P < 0.01)

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