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Table 2 Operational objectives and evaluation components for the DP-TRANSFERS translational programme in Catalonia

From: Rationale and design of the DP-TRANSFERS project: diabetes prevention-transferring findings from European research to society in Catalonia

  Operational objective Process indicators Output indicators Outcome/impact indicators Timeframe Deliverables
1 To establish a PHC representative multidisciplinary SC to implement a single common translational protocol and a curriculum for the training of prevention managers Involving at least 2 professionals (nurse and GP) in each coordinating centre
Involving endocrinologist, epidemiologist, dietician and experts in developing health interventions within a community setting
How the SC is working on?
Assessment of SC practice staff understanding and commitment with the programme
Regularly scheduled SC meetings Focus group interview with SC members
Face-to-face workshops for facilitators designed
Administrative structures of each involved institution implemented
Collaborative groupware implemented
Annual scientific and financial report Minutes of the SC meetings
Working guidelines issued
2 To identify needs, design and adapt the DE-PLAN-CAT intensive lifestyle intervention to the structural baseline conditions in primary care settings Prioritizing determinants of the real-life clinical practice interventions which are associated with and could predict a beneficial outcome (from DE-PLAN-CAT experience) Interviews and focus groups with practice facilitators staff developed
Predictors of success identified
Participants’ barriers to attendance at group sessions identified
Number and type of PHC participating centres
Facilitators’ workshops development in-depth analysis
Perceived level of collaboration
Intervention manual
Minutes of the meetings and workshops
3 To develop a specific set of easily accessible didactic material for the lifestyle intervention (presentations, information sheets and feed-back exercises) Adapting from own files in conventional and digital format
Personnel using didactic material
Facilitator and participant opinion
Pilot group intervention (testing materials in real practice). Required adjustments
To what extent the material is used by facilitators and participants?
Focus group with lifestyle officers
Data set about the use of the material ready for analyses
Feedback on teaching materials
Maintenance in programme
What features were considered useful/not useful by the users?
Proportion of facilitators and participants who would recommend the didactic material
Proportion of personnel who would continue to use the material
3 months after group sessions were started
Core intervention materials delivered
Online set of didactic material available
4 To assess the sustainability and quality of translation process (representative sample) through the evaluation of the resources (balance and cost); the actions (intervention effect) and the opinion of the target population (facilitators and participants) Specific WEB and eCRF built
Facilitators trained for programme Facilitators with opinion evaluated
Participants evaluated for eligibility
Participants starting the intervention
Participants with complete follow-up
Participants with opinion evaluated
Statistical analyses-participants’ database
Number of PHC teams involved
Participants achieving lifestyle changes (at least 2 or more prefixed intervention goals)
Background, psychosocial and clinic data collected
QoL and opinion collected
Inventory of resources used
Changes in dietary patterns and physical activity from baseline
Changes in clinical risk factors (body weight, PG, HbA1c, cholesterol) from baseline
Economic analysis (based on direct cost of resources used)
Satisfaction and QoL analysis
Towards the end of the programme (24-month follow up)
Specific WEB and eCRF ready for continued use.
Report on the intervention effect Geographic map of the translation Publishing results
  1. PHC primary health care, SC Steering Committee, GP general practitioner, DE-PLAN-CAT diabetes in Europe-prevention using lifestyle, physical activity and nutritional intervention-Catalonia, eCRF electronic case report form, QoL quality of life, PG plasma glucose, HbA1c haemoglobin A1c