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Fig. 5

From: The MHC-II transactivator CIITA inhibits Tat function and HIV-1 replication in human myeloid cells

Fig. 5

CIITA stably expressed in U937 Plus cells inhibits HIV-1 replication without inducing TRIM22 transcription. a U937 Minus cells, U937 Plus cells and U937 Plus-CIITA 1F6 clone were infected with HIV-1IIIB/LAI and viral replication was measured by monitoring RT activity in the culture supernatants up to 41 days post-infection (pi) Mean values of triplicate cultures are shown. The data are representative of four independent experiments. b At 24 h pi the amount of HIV-1 proviral DNA was assessed by real time PCR by using primers specific for gag. c TRIM22 mRNA expression was assessed by qRT-PCR in U937 Minus cells, U937 Plus cells and in clones 1C11, 1F6, 4G2. U937 Minus cells TRIM22 mRNA level was set to 1. d U937 Minus cells either untreated (−) or treated (+) with 10 nM vitamin D3 for 72 h were analyzed for CIITA and HLA-II DR mRNAs expression by qRT-PCR. In Vitamin D3-untreated U937 Minus cells the amount of both CIITA and HLA-II DR mRNAs was set to 1. Results are the average of three independent experiments (***P = 0.0001; **P = 0.0094, unpaired two-tailed t test). Error bars show standard deviation

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