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Fig. 6 | Journal of Translational Medicine

Fig. 6

From: PI3K/AKT/mTOR inhibition in combination with doxorubicin is an effective therapy for leiomyosarcoma

Fig. 6

BEZ235/Dox combination inhibits LMS tumor growth in vivo. a Body weight is not significantly altered over the course of the experiment following administration of drugs in any treatment group (p = ns); b Box plots depict median tumor volume at experimental endpoint (after 12 days drug treatment), where vehicle (n = 6) had a median of 991.3 ± 236.0 mm3, while BEZ235 (n = 7), Dox (n = 7) and BEZ235/Dox (n = 6) groups had median volume of 498.3 ± 149.0, 836.6 ± 179.8, 286.7 ± 125.6 mm3 respectively (*p < 0.05 comparing treatment groups to vehicle, #p < 0.05 comparing BEZ235 treatment group with dual agent treatment group); c Representative photomicrographs demonstrating tumor morphology (H and E), cell proliferation (Ki-67), and p-AKTS473 status after treatment with BEZ235 or the combination of BEZ235 and Dox in SKLMS1 tumor xenograft specimens. All photomicrographs are 100× magnification

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