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Fig. 1

From: c-Jun N-terminal kinase activation by nitrobenzoxadiazoles leads to late-stage autophagy inhibition

Fig. 1

Effects of MC3181 on TRAF2/JNK signaling in U-2OS cells. a Confocal microscopy for the in situ detection of the TRAF2-GSTP1-1 complex in cells treated with vehicle (CTRL) or 5 μM MC3181 (i.e. a concentration about five times the IC50 value) for the indicated times. The TRAF2-GSTP1-1 complex was visualized by PLA, which generates fluorescent dots (red) when the two proteins are in close proximity. DAPI (blue) was used to counterstain cell nuclei. Scale bar 10 μM. b Amount per cell of TRAF2-GSTP1-1 complex as calculated from the analysis of PLA images (mean ± SEM, n ≥ 3); *p < 0.05. c Western blot analysis of JNK phospho-activation in cells treated with vehicle (CTRL) or 5 μM MC3181 for the indicated times. The filter was probed with anti-phospho-JNK (p-JNK) and anti-JNK1 antibodies; β-actin was used to ensure equal loading and transfer of samples

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