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Fig. 2

From: Effectiveness of pure argon for renal transplant preservation in a preclinical pig model of heterotopic autotransplantation

Fig. 2

Argon-Celsior improved early graft functional recovery and survival. After transplantation, renal function was monitored using creatinine clearance (a; ml/min), plasma urea (b; mmol/l), diuresis (c; ml/24 h; diuresis before surgery: 1500–2000 ml/24 h), fraction of excreted sodium (FE Na + ; d) and the urine urea/plasma urea ratio (Uu/Pu; e). The data are reported as the means ± SDs; p < 0.050 (asterisks): Argon-Celsior vs. Air-Celsior. The survival data are plotted (f; dashed line Air-Celsior; solid line Argon-Celsior; dotted line Xenon-Celsior)

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