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Table 4 Analysis of associations between ME/CFS symptoms and mtDNA SNPs

From: Mitochondrial DNA variants correlate with symptoms in myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome

Nucleotide position Symptomatic allele p value q value* Symptom Type Survey
150 T 0.000196 0.01373 Accomplished less emotional SF-36
150 T 0.000308 0.02156 Emotional limitations SF-36
150 T 8.94E-05 0.005944 Less time for work SF-36
150 T 0.00048 0.03358 Didn’t work as carefully SF-36
930 G 9.71E-05 0.006795 Difficulty performing work SF-36
1719 A 3.80E-06 0.0002661 Inflammatory distress Cluster DePaul
1719 A 4.17E-05 0.002919 Flu-like symptoms Distress DePaul
1719 A 6.09E-05 0.004262 Chemical sensitivity Distress DePaul
1719 A 6.54E-05 0.00458 Neuro inflammatory distress Cluster DePaul
1719 A 0.000161 0.01129 Sensitivity to bright lights Distress DePaul
1719 A 0.000295 0.02068 Chemical sensitivity Severity DePaul
1719 A 0.000301 0.02108 Sensitivity to bright lights Frequency DePaul
3010 A 0.000173 0.01208 Sleep in day, awake all night Frequency DePaul
3010 A 0.000226 0.01582 Sleep in day, awake all night Distress DePaul
5147 G 0.001175 0.04114 Difficulty performing work SF-36
16093 T 0.000206 0.0144 Accomplished less physical SF-36
16093 T 0.000289 0.02022 Physical limitations SF-36
16223 T 0.00076 0.0266 Sensitivity to bright lights Frequency DePaul
16223 T 0.000885 0.03098 Neuro inflammatory distress Cluster DePaul
16519 C 0.000125 0.008729 Gastrointestinal distress Cluster DePaul
16519 C 0.000135 0.009423 Bloating Severity DePaul
16519 C 0.000149 0.01043 Abdomen/stomach pain Severity DePaul
16519 C 0.000182 0.01274 Bloating Frequency DePaul
16519 C 0.000355 0.02482 Bloating Distress DePaul
  1. *q values were calculated by the Benjamini–Hochberg correction applied to the number of SNPs included in the association test for each symptom
  2. Chemical sensitivity refers to “Some smells, foods, medications, or chemicals make you feel sick”. The neuro inflammatory distress cluster combines “sensitivity to bright lights” and ”sensitivity to noise.” The inflammatory distress cluster combines these symptoms: sore throat, tender/sore lymph nodes, fever, flu-like symptoms, and chemical sensitivity. The gastrointestinal distress cluster combines bloating, abdomen/stomach pain, irritable bowel, and nausea. Subjects indicated whether they accomplished less due to emotional factors or because of physical limitations