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Table 3 Analysis of associations between ME/CFS symptoms and mtDNA haplogroups

From: Mitochondrial DNA variants correlate with symptoms in myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome

Haplogroup Phenotype Haplogroup average Non haplogroup average p value q value*
HgJ Joint pain, frequency 1.08 2.17 0.00835 0.04177
HgJ Joint pain, severity 1.00 1.96 0.00460 0.02300
HgJ Joint pain, distress 2.33 5.83 0.00828 0.04144
HgU Bloating, severity 0.82 1.43 0.00996 0.04982
HgU Bloating, distress 1.50 3.66 0.00925 0.04626
HgH "Feeling dead" after exercise, frequency 3.01 2.66 0.00779 0.03895
  1. Haplogroup average describes the average phenotype value of all individuals within the given haplogroup
  2. *q values were calculated using the Benjamini–Hochberg method for correcting for multiple testing of haplogroups. A higher phenotype value indicates higher frequency/severity. All significant phenotypes listed here were assessed using the DSQ and only include ME/CFS individuals