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Table 3 Main Oncogramme results following determination of cytotoxicity on individual primary cultures

From: Chemotherapy outcome predictive effectiveness by the Oncogramme: pilot trial on stage-IV colorectal cancer

Treatment Median Minimum Maximum 25th percentile 75th percentile
5-FU + FA 1.343 0.895 2.102 1.029 1.701
FOLFIRI 1.633 0.788 2.883 1.186 1.965
FOLFOX 1.787 1.147 3.613 1.579 2.090
  1. Figures presented are derived from ratios (% dead cells for treated condition/ % dead cells for untreated condition) obtained for the 19 advanced CRC patients included in the pilot trial. Mean and median values, as well as standard deviation and ranges are provided, as well as 25th and 75th percentiles