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Fig. 4 | Journal of Translational Medicine

Fig. 4

From: Both HDAC5 and HDAC6 are required for the proliferation and metastasis of melanoma cells

Fig. 4

HDAC5 and HDAC6 influenced the metastasis of A375 cells. a Transwell assay to detect metastasis of A375 cells. Cell transwell assays were performed using FalconTM Cell Culture Inserts (BD353097) according to the manufacturer’s instructions. After 24–48 h of incubation, the remaining cells in the upper chamber were removed by cotton swabs. The cells on the lower surface of the membrane were fixed in 4 % paraformaldehyde and stained with 0.5 % crystal violet. Cells in at least three random microscopic fields (magnification x10) were counted and photographed. All experiments were performed in duplicate and repeated three times. b Western blot showing that knocking down HDAC5 or HDAC6 modulated metastasis through divergent pathways

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