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Fig. 2

From: Brain mediators of systemic oxidative stress on perceptual impairments in Parkinson’s disease

Fig. 2

Reduced gray matter volume in PD using a whole brain voxel-wised exploratory analysis. Significant (cluster level statistics, p value <0.05, family-wise error corrected) regional gray matter volume reduction in a patient with Parkinson’s disease revealed by whole brain VBM analysis. a The spatial distribution of regional gray matter volume reduction. b VBM results are overlaid onto the mean group DARTEL-T1 template. The patient with Parkinson’s disease showed lower regional gray matter volumes in the left middle temporal gyrus, left fusiform gyrus, left insula, left inferior parietal lobule, right caudate, right hippocampus, right superior frontal gyrus, and bilateral medial frontal gyrus. The hot color bar indicates the T scores scale. DARTEL diffeomorphic anatomical registration through exponentiated lie algebra, L left, R right, VBM voxel-based morphometry

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