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Fig. 6

From: Cotton rat immune responses to virus-like particles containing the pre-fusion form of respiratory syncytial virus fusion protein

Fig. 6

Lung sections of RSV challenged immunized cotton rats. Panels show representative H&E stained lung sections of cotton rats that were not immunized (a, b), immunized with RSV (c, d), mock immunized (e, f), immunized with low dose Pre-F/F containing VLPs (g, h), or high dose Pre-F/F containing VLPs (i, j), or FI-RSV immunized animals (k, l), all after an RSV challenge at 45 days post immunization. Large arrows indicate patches of inflammatory cells. Small arrowheads indicate cell infiltration into the alveolar space (alveolitis). a, c, e, g, i, k show ×40 magnification while b, d, f, h, j, l show ×100 magnification

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