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Fig. 1

From: Cotton rat immune responses to virus-like particles containing the pre-fusion form of respiratory syncytial virus fusion protein

Fig. 1

Anti-RSV F protein IgG immune responses to soluble Pre-F and Post-F target antigens. Figure shows titers with time after immunization of anti-F protein IgG in pooled sera that bind to the soluble pre-fusion F protein (a) and that bind to the soluble post-fusion F protein (c). Data shown are the averages of four separate determinations. b and d show titers in sera from individual cotton rats obtained at 49 days post immunization that bind to soluble pre-fusion F protein (b) or that bind to soluble post-fusion F protein (d). b Differences between the RSV group and the VLP groups are significant (p ≤ 0.0001) while the differences between VLPs low and VLPs high are not significant. d Differences between groups are not significant. Titers are defined in “Methods”. Pre-F/F VLPs low and Pre-F/F VLPs high indicate a dose (IM) of 50 and 150 µg total VLP protein/animal, respectively in the prime immunization. Boost immunizations, at day 21, were 17 and 50 μg/animal, respectively. RSV prime and RSV boosts were 1 × 105 pfu/animal (IN)

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