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Table 1 Clinical features of patient enrolled in the diagnostic clinical trial

From: Application of Nanotrap technology for high sensitivity measurement of urinary outer surface protein A carboxyl-terminus domain in early stage Lyme borreliosis

Patient characteristics Number
Asymptomatic non-Lyme (healthy volunteers) 117
Symptomatic non-Lyme patients (non-Lyme patients in infectious disease clinic) 3
Untreated, clinical diagnosis of LB (positive diagnosis of Lyme disease with EM rash) 24
Antibiotic treatment for a clinical diagnosis of LB, Arthritis Pos, EM Neg (positive diagnosis of Lyme disease with arthritis symptoms) 6
EM rash present at the time of urine collection during the treatment course 10
Post-treatment with alleviation of symptoms (converted to EM Neg) 8
Patients being worked up for chronic or recurrent LB with negative or inconclusive serology 100