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Table 1 Ex-vivo normothermic perfusion (EVNP) assessment score

From: The use of ex-vivo normothermic perfusion for the resuscitation and assessment of human kidneys discarded because of inadequate in situ perfusion

EVNP assessment Point
Macroscopic assessment
 Grade I: Excellent perfusion (global pink appearance) 1
 Grade II: Moderate perfusion (patchy appearance) 2
 Grade III: Poor perfusion (global mottled and purple/black appearance) 3
Renal Blood flow
 Threshold ≥50 ml/min/100 g 0
 Threshold <50 ml/min/100 g 1
Total urine output
 Threshold ≥43 ml 0
 Threshold <43 ml 1
  1. Macroscopic assessment, thresholds of renal blood flow and urine output. Scores ranges from 1 to 5, 1 indicating the least injury to 5 the most severe