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Fig. 4

From: Nuclear heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein D is associated with poor prognosis and interactome analysis reveals its novel binding partners in oral cancer

Fig. 4

Immunohistochemical analysis of hnRNPD in oral tissues. Paraffin-embedded sections of histologically normal mucosa, oral dysplasia and OSCC were stained using anti-hnRNPD polyclonal antibody as described in “Methods” section. Panel represents a normal oral mucosa showing no hnRNPD immunostaining; b Dysplasia section illustrating nuclear hnRNPD staining in epithelial cells; c OSCC section illustrating nuclear hnRNPD staining in tumor cells; d OSCC section illustrating nuclear (N) and cytoplasmic (C) hnRNPD staining in tumor cells; e Lung cancer tissue section showing nuclear hnRNPD immunostaining; f OSCC section used as a negative control, showing no hnRNPD immunostaining in tumor cells; (ae original magnification ×200)

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