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Fig. 4

From: In vitro response pattern of monocytes after tmTNF reverse signaling predicts response to anti-TNF therapy in rheumatoid arthritis

Fig. 4

tmTNF crosslinking-induced IL-10 secretion and serum IL-10 concentrations are associated with clinical response and disease activity, respectively. a Scatterplot depicts correlation of tmTNF crosslinking-induced IL-10 with the decrease in DAS28 (ΔDAS28) after 4 weeks of therapy (n = 18). b Bar graph depicts tmTNF crosslinking-induced IL-10 concentrations in patients with a good EULAR response (responder, n = 4) compared to those with a moderate or no response (non-responder, n = 14) after 4 weeks of anti-TNF therapy. c, d Scatterplots showing the correlation of serum concentrations of IL-10 determined in RA patients at baseline (n = 18) with the disease activity (DAS28) at baseline (c) and after 12 weeks of anti-TNF therapy (d). e Longitudinally determined serum concentrations of IL-10 in RA patients under anti-TNF treatment. Levels of significance as indicated. BL baseline, W week.

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