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Fig. 2

From: Roles of transcriptional factor 7 in production of inflammatory factors for lung diseases

Fig. 2

Negative feedback loop between β-catenin/TCF7L2 and TCF7. The Wnt signaling leads to the accumulation of β-catenin in the nucleus, which bind to TCF/LEF family of transcription factors. TCF7L2 is one of the TCF/LEF family members, which activates transcription of target genes together with the coactivator β-catenin. Although as a TCF/LEF member, TCF7 is also a target gene of β-catenin/TCF7L2. The dominant negative isoform of TCF7 protein negatively feedback to β-catenin/TCF7L2, functions as a transcription repressor, and down-regulates β-catenin/TCF7L2target genes. β-cat β-catenin, TCF7L2 transcription factor 7-like 2, dnTCF7 dominant negative transcription factor 7.

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