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Figure 3

From: Increased ex vivo cell death of central memory CD4 T cells in treated HIV infected individuals with unsatisfactory immune recovery

Figure 3

Ratio CD4 TCM/TTM and its association with total CD4 T-cell death. a The ratio between TCM and TTM cells was calculated as a measure of CD4 T-cell differentiation. Data shown correspond to median values (bands), IQR (boxes) and 10–90 interquartile values (whiskers) for immunodiscordant individuals (n = 23, red boxes), immunoconcordant individuals with low or high nadir (n = 17 and n = 16, dark and light green boxes, respectively) and healthy HIV uninfected individuals (n = 11, blue boxes). Figure shows significant p values (permutation test adjusted by false discovery rate). b Correlation between total CD4 T-cell death and the ratio of CD4 TCM/TTM cells. P values for Spearman’s test correlation are shown in black for all data points, and in red or green for immunodiscordant and immunoconcordant individuals respectively.

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