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Figure 6 | Journal of Translational Medicine

Figure 6

From: AAV2/8-humanFOXP3 gene therapy shows robust anti-atherosclerosis efficacy in LDLR-KO mice on high cholesterol diet

Figure 6

Visual inspection of representative aortas. a Aortas from the indicated animals were buffered formalin-fixed, cleaned and photographed. Note that the AAV/Neo-treated HCD aorta displays much higher amounts of lipid accumulation (white areas) than ether the AAV/hFOXP3-HCD-treated animals. b Shown is a PowerPoint black-white 25% enhancement of the aortic arch of the three aortas. Note that the AAV/Neo-treated HCD aorta displays a much more extensive white area than ether the AAV/hFOXP3-HCD-treated or ND animals.

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