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Figure 5 | Journal of Translational Medicine

Figure 5

From: AAV2/8-humanFOXP3 gene therapy shows robust anti-atherosclerosis efficacy in LDLR-KO mice on high cholesterol diet

Figure 5

Systolic blood velocity measurement. High resolution ultrasound (HRUS) was used to quantify blood flow velocities in the luminal center of the aorta in 6–8 animals from each group with representative captured images from the analysis shown just above. Note that the AAV/hFOXP3-HCD animals have a much lower blood velocity than the AAV/Neo-HCD animals. Also note that the AAV/hFOX3P-HCD and the ND groups were very similar in peak systolic blood velocity. p values of < 0.05 refer to the student t test, are indicated by a “asterisk”, and also indicate statistical significance.

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