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Figure 4

From: AAV2/8-humanFOXP3 gene therapy shows robust anti-atherosclerosis efficacy in LDLR-KO mice on high cholesterol diet

Figure 4

Aortic wall thickness measurement. HRUS was used to measure the wall thickness of the aorta. Shown is a quantification of the wall thickness of the aorta (thoracic region) of indicated groups with representative captured images from the analysis shown just above. Note that the AAV/hFOXP3-HCD animals have a significantly thinner wall thickness than the AAV/Neo-HCD animals. Also note that the AAV/hFOX3P-HCD and the ND groups were statistically the same. p values of < 0.05 refer to the student t test, are indicated by a “asterisk”, and also indicate statistical significance.

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