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Figure 7

From: miFRame: analysis and visualization of miRNA sequencing data in neurological disorders

Figure 7

a Pileup plot for miR-1307. In case of miR-1307-5p, control patients show increased frequency of 1–2 base shifts at the 3p end. The pie diagram at the lower part of the figure shows that around one-third of all analyses revealed respective iso-forms. b Pileup plot for miR-3172. For miR-3127-3p, AD samples are frequently shifted by 1–2 bases to the 3p end of this miRNA. The pie chart as result of the aggregation analysis indicates that respective results are usually not observed. c Pileup plot for miR-378b. Extended mappings at the 3p end of this miRNA are almost exclusively observed for AD patients.

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