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Figure 5

From: miFRame: analysis and visualization of miRNA sequencing data in neurological disorders

Figure 5

a Potential novel mature miRNA. The upper part of the figure presents the pileup plot (similar to Figures 3, 4). Just one mature form is annotated in miRBase V20, namely the 5p form (colored in red and shaded in blue). Nevertheless, many reads map to the position where a 3p version could be located. The lower right part shows the significant down-regulation of this miRNA in controls as compared to Alzheimer Disease patients. The lower left image presents beyond the significance the absolute rad count per sample. Green samples correspond to cases and red samples to controls. b For miR-4472, just one mature form (5p) is annotated in the miRBase. While we do not observe mappings to this position, we observe mappings to the position where the 3p mature form could be expected.

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