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Figure 4

From: miFRame: analysis and visualization of miRNA sequencing data in neurological disorders

Figure 4

Expression ratio of 3p and 5p mature forms. In this figure, opposite fold changes of the 3p and the 5p mature form of miRNAs is shown for two miRNAs, miR-3180 in panel a and miR-202 in panel b. The right part shows the pileup plots, the sequence in the middle represents the precursor, the two mature forms are highlighted in red (5p) and blue (3p) and with the blue shaded area. The right hand side shows the negative decade logarithm of the p-value for each single position. Up-regulated positions on the precursor in controls are colored in green and red bars correspond tow don-regulated positions on the precursor. The two red and green blocks correspond to the two mature forms, respectively. Clearly, the 3p form is up-regulated while the 5p form is down regulated for miR-3180 (panel a) while miR-202 shows the opposite behavior (panel b).

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