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Figure 4

From: Vemurafenib resistance reprograms melanoma cells towards glutamine dependence

Figure 4

Knock down of NRAS in vemurafenib resistant cells reduces sensitivity to glutaminase inhibitor. Melanoma M249 resistant cells were infected with shNRAS or shControl lentiviral particles and selected for puromycin resistance after 48 h. a Quantitative PCR was used to measure relative mRNA expression of NRAS in shControl and shNRAS infected cells. b shNRAS or shControl cells were cultured in the presence of 10 μM BPTES for 48 h or with vehicle control (DMSO). Surviving cell fraction percentage (survival %) compared to vehicle control (DMSO) was determined using DIMSCAN analysis (n = 6, *p < 0.05).

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