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Figure 1

From: Vemurafenib resistance reprograms melanoma cells towards glutamine dependence

Figure 1

Vemurafenib resistant cells uptake and use glutamine at a higher rate than vemurafenib sensitive cells. Melanoma M249 and M229 vemurafenib sensitive (parental) and single drug resistant (SDR) cell lines were plated to be 60% confluent and medium was changed after overnight incubation. Medium only was used as a control. Cells were then cultured for 24 h. Medium was then taken from growing cells and measurements were obtained of glutamine uptake, NH4 + production, glucose uptake, and lactate production using the Nova Bioprofiler 100 plus as described in materials and methods. Cells were counted and results are expressed as a glutamine uptake per cell (mmol/L) and NH4 + production per cell (mmol/L) and b glucose uptake per cell (mmol/L) and lactate production per cell (mmol/L) and are representative of the average (±standard deviation) of triplicate experiments.

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