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Table 3 A20 genetic alterations with rs230926 and rs146534657 in PBMCs of RA patients and healthy individuals

From: Characteristics of A20 gene polymorphisms and clinical significance in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Cases rs5029937 rs3799491 rs598493 rs2307859 rs146534657 rs2230926 rs661561 rs582757
PHLa Wild Wild Homo Wild Heter Heter Wild Homo
LXSa Wild Heter Homo Del Heter Wild Heter Homo
WYFa Heter Wild Homo Wild Wild Heter Heter Homo
LWLa Heter Wild Homo Del Wild Heter Homo Homo
HI1 Heter Wild Homo Del Wild Heter Heter Homo
HI2 Heter Heter Homo Del Wild Heter Heter Homo
  1. HI healthy individuals, Wild wild-type, Homo homozygous, Heter heterozygous, Del deletion.
  2. aRA cases.