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Figure 4

From: Progression of non-alcoholic steatosis to steatohepatitis and fibrosis parallels cumulative accumulation of danger signals that promote inflammation and liver tumors in a high fat–cholesterol–sugar diet model in mice

Figure 4

M1 macrophage markers are increased, whereas M2 macrophage markers are decreased with long-term HFD feeding. F4/80 (a), CD11b (b), and CD68 (c) mRNA levels were evaluated using qPCR to look for the presence of M1 macrophages. qPCR was also used to look for the presence of M2 markers CD163 (d) and Arg1 (e) mRNA levels. mRNA expression of CD3 in liver samples was determined by qPCR (f). FACS was performed to determine levels of CD3 (g, h), inflammatory monocytes (g, i), NK cells (g, j) NKT cells (g, k). *p < 0.01, **p = 0.02, versus chow fed controls, n = 6–12/group.

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