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Figure 3

From: Excessive proliferation and impaired function of primitive hematopoietic cells in bone marrow due to senescence post chemotherapy in a T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia model

Figure 3

Apoptosis has little effect on changes of LK+S/LK+S+ hematopoietic cells since the recovery phase. a Gating strategy for apoptosis using 7-AAD and Annexin-V staining. The cellular uptake of these dyes discriminated cells in Alive (7-AADlow Annexin-Vlow), Necrosis (Annexin-Vlow 7-AADhigh) and Apoptosis (Annexin-Vhigh 7-AADlow). be Percentages of viable CD45.2+LK+S cells (b), apoptotic CD45.2+LK+S cells (c), viable CD45.2+LK+S+ cells (d), apoptotic CD45.2+LK+S+ cells (e) in the BM of normal control (shown as N) and the 1-day treated leukemic mice on different days (n = 4–5).

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