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Table 1 Patient characteristics of tissue used for generation of patient-derived orthotopic mouse model

From: Establishment of a patient-derived orthotopic osteosarcoma mouse model

Age & Gender 17 years, female
Primary disease diagnosed April 2008
- histopathology osteoblastic osteosarcoma
- Tumor location right femur epiphysis, no metastases
- Treatment according to EURAMOS 1 06/2008 – 11/2009, abortion of chemotherapy after the third postoperative cycle by request of the patient and her parents
Extraarticular tumor resection of the right femur (09.09.2008) and implantation of a Mutars-Endoprothesis (regression grade II according to Salzer-Kuntschik)
1. Relapse diagnosed 24 months after diagnose of primary disease
- histopathology  - osteoblastic osteosarcoma
- Location  - multifocal lesions in the right tibia, both lungs bilateral and the mediastinum
- treatment  - no further treatment because of the significant reduced general conditions and by request of the patient and her parents
Death of disease 8 weeks after diagnose of relapse
Family history - Oldest child of four children
 - Youngest brother died because of an embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma in 2000
 - Mother died because of a Mamma-Ca in 2006
 - Father, one younger sister and one younger brother are healthy
 - Diagnostic concerning familiar tumor predisposition syndrome was declined