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Table 3 Patient data for in vivo validation procedures

From: A novel method for downstream characterization of breast cancer circulating tumor cells following CellSearch isolation

Patient no. Primary tumor phenotype Metastasis phenotype Number of CTCs* CTC phenotype §
1 ER+/HER2 ER/HER2 48 ER/HER2+
2 ER+/HER2 n/a 35 ER/HER2
3 ER+/HER2 ER+/HER2 3 n/a
4 n/a ER+/HER2 12 ER+/HER2
5 ER/HER2+ n/a 111 ER/HER2
6 ER/HER2+ n/a 311 ER/HER2
7 ER+/HER2 ER+/HER2 107 ER+/HER2
8 ER+/HER2 ER+/HER2 0 Negative control
9 ER+/HER2 ER+/HER2 0 Negative control
  1. *As defined by CellSearch, single samples assessed 0–6 months from initiation of therapy against metastatic disease.
  2. §Phenotype according to CTC-DropMount. Criteria for biomarker positivity were ≥1 ER+ CTC, and ≥1 HER2+ CTC.
  3. In this patient no CTCs were identified following secondary staining.
  4. Patients 8, and 9 were selected as negative controls. Neither of these patients had detectable CTCs following secondary staining.