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Table 2 Humoral immune response to ribosomal P proteins, CEA, EGFR and ErbB2 in colorectal cancer patients

From: Natural humoral immune response to ribosomal P0 protein in colorectal cancer patients

Subjects Rib-P proteins (P0/P1/P2) p CEA p EGFR p ErbB2 p
Healthy Donors 0/73 0/73 n.s 0/73 n.s 0/73 n.s
Patients: Benign tumor 0/5 n.s 0/5 n.s 0/5 n.s 1/5 n.s
Patients: Malignant tumor 7/67 0.0048b 0/67 n.s 2/67 n.s 1/67 n.s
  1. an.s = not significant.
  2. bPatients with malignant tumors vs Healthy donors, Fisher’s exact test.