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Table 1 Patients information used in the whole study

From: Inherent transcriptional signatures of NK cells are associated with response to IFNα + rivabirin therapy in patients with Hepatitis C Virus

  Training group Validating group Healthy donors Reverse validating group Total patients
HCV Treatment Response 5 NR 4 SVR 5 NR 5 SVR NA NA n=19
Caucasian n=5 n=4 n=5 n=5 n=7 n=8 n=34
HCV genotype 1 n=5 n=4 n=5 n=5 NA n=8 n=28
HCV Treatment naïve n=5 n=4 n=5 n=5 n=7 n=8 n=34
Age mean±SD 44,2±18,36 32,3±14,43 60±7,8 51±6,4 45±4 48±16 n=34
Viral Load mean ±SD 3256750 ± 2672345,209 646000 ± 234921,3 3076667 ± 2438080 1506000 ± 1887003 NA 1908796 ± 1457469 n=27
ALT mean±SD 90,25±41,83 48±7 66 ± 55 116±90,23 NA 72±65 n=27
F1 n=2 n=2 n=0 n=2 NA n=2 n=8
F2 n=0 n=1 n=0 n=1 NA n=2 n=4
F3 n=0 n=1 n=3 n=1 NA n=3 n=9
F4 n=3 n=0 n=2 n=1 NA n=3 n=9
Total patients n=9 n=10 n=7 n=8 n=34
  1. Legend: NR = Non responders; SVR=sustained virologic responders; HD=Healthy donors. SD= Standard Deviation. Viral Load values are expressed as viral copies (CP)/ml; ALT values are expressed as UI/ml. Fibrosis in patients with HCV was staged according to the Metavir classification, which ranges from F0 to F4 (F0 = no fibrosis; F1 = portal fibrosis without septa; F2 = portal fibrosis with few septa; F3 = portal fibrosis with many septa; and F4 = cirrhosis).