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Table 2 Potential diagnostic sensitivity of some metabolic biomarkers in neuromuscular dystrophies/myopathies

From: Quantitative analysis of proteins of metabolism by reverse phase protein microarrays identifies potential biomarkers of rare neuromuscular diseases

Disease β-F1/LDH-A AdditionalMarkers Sensitivity
DMD (2.9-4.1) PYGM (0.1-0.3) 100%
BMD (1.9-3.5) GAPDH (0.6-1.2) 86%
NCL (1.5-2.1) GPD1 (0.4-0.6) 100%
LGMD-2C (2.5-3.9) SDH (0.5-0.7) 100%
  1. The table summarizes the power to discriminate (sensitivity) the neuromuscular dystrophies/myopathies by the combination of the value of the β-F1-ATPase/LDH-A ratio with the expression level of a third biomarker. Sensitivity was calculated according to the classification rate of true positive samples following the formula: Sensitivity = True positives/(True positives + False positives).