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Figure 3

From: Berberine ameliorates nonalcoholic fatty liver disease by a global modulation of hepatic mRNA and lncRNA expression profiles

Figure 3

Hierarchical clustering and functions enrichment analyses of BBR-regulated genes. (A) Each column represents samples from ND (grey), HFD (purple) or HFD + BBR (cyan) group. Each row indicates genes, in which lncRNAs are labeled with black bars on the most right column. Each cell of the heat-map reflects expression value above or below the pool of control rats fed ND. The legend of expression value is shown on the upper left. Based on gene clustering tree (Additional file 5: Figure S3), BBR-regulated genes are divided into seven modules, indicating with the most left color column: brown, blue, red, green, dark golden, light blue and salmon. (B) Representative enriched functions for seven BBR-regulated modules. The number on the right of vertical axis indicates the count of enriched genes in corresponding function. The NAFLD-related functions highlight in bold. The color bars on the left of vertical axis represent the modules. More details of the enriched functions for each module are shown in Additional file 5: Table S3.

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