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Figure 2

From: Berberine ameliorates nonalcoholic fatty liver disease by a global modulation of hepatic mRNA and lncRNA expression profiles

Figure 2

BBR systematically regulates hepatic gene expression. (A) A Venn diagram of differentially expressed genes in the experimental rats. The cyan and grey arrows represent the comparisons of HFD + BBR with HFD group (HFD + BBR:HFD) and HFD with ND group (HFD:ND), respectively. The upward arrows indicate up-regulation and downward, down-regulation. Sloped arrows in brackets indicate genes whose expression is not significantly altered but meets our criteria of BBR-regulated genes. Numbers in brackets indicate a subset of the number immediately above. The red number is the count of BBR-regulated genes. (B) BBR reversed most differentially expressed genes in HFD relative to ND group. The numbers in the center indicate the count of genes in corresponding quadrant. The p value was calculated with the Chi-squared test.

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