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Figure 5

From: AMG 900, a potent inhibitor of aurora kinases causes pharmacodynamic changes in p-Histone H3 immunoreactivity in human tumor xenografts and proliferating mouse tissues

Figure 5

Detection of p-Histone H3 using primary human breast tumor FNA biopsies by LSC. Two mock FNA punch biopsies were collected from the same fresh primary breast tumor tissue. Cytospin deposited cells were immunostained with anti-EpCAM antibody (epithelial cell specific marker) and anti-p-Histone H3 antibodies and counterstained with DAPI. Representative cell cycle profiles of two FNAs showing EpCAM positive (blue) tumor cells with a subpopulation of p-Histone H3 positive G2M cells (red). Relocation gallery showing p-Histone H3 positive objects.

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