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Figure 5

From: Expression and prognostic significance of TCTN1 in human glioblastoma

Figure 5

Overexpression and knock-down of TCTN1 regulate GBM cell growth. (A) Overexpression and knock-down of TCTN1 gene in U251 and U87 human GBM cell lines were validated at mRNA level by real-time RT-PCR assays and GAPDH was used as an internal control. (B) Protein level of TCTN1 was analysed by western blot assays and actin served as a loading control. (C) The cell growth curve of TCTN1 overexpression and knockdown cells was assessed by CCK-8 assay. Each experiment was performed three times. Statistical analysis was performed using two tailed Student's t-test. *, P < 0.05.

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