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Figure 2

From: Expression and prognostic significance of TCTN1 in human glioblastoma

Figure 2

Expression of TCTN1 mRNA in GBM specimens of the TCGA cohort. (A) TCTN1 mRNA expression levels were detected in 528 clinical GBM specimens and 10 cases of normal control tissue obtained by TCGA. The value represents log 2 of gene expression value of GBM to the average mRNA of 10 normal samples. The red samples (>0) indicate that the mRNA levels of these GBM tissues were higher than the average of normal brain tissues while the green bars (<0) represent GBM sample with lower TCTN1 mRNA expression compared to normal tissues. (B-H) TCTN1 mRNA expression was significantly different in subgroups of GBM according to subtypes and/or status of common mutations or copy number alterations (CNA) as indicated. "NC", no change; "Del", deletion; "Amp", amplification; "Wt", wild-type; "Mut", mutation. A single spot represents the TCTN1 expression value (log 2 scale) of an individual patient, with a line in the middle representing the mean expression value. The difference in TCTN1 expression was determined by Student's t-test.

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