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Table 1 Pathologic features and inhibition of cell growth by 10058-F4 in primary culture cells of ovarian carcinoma

From: Evaluation of the antitumor effects of c-Myc-Max heterodimerization inhibitor 100258-F4 in ovarian cancer cells

Patient ID AGE Diagnosis Stage Grade IC50 (uM) c-MYC
avb 65 Serous IIIA G1 27 Positive
OC2 72 Serous IIIC G3 84 Positive
OC3 48 Serous IIA G1 28 Positive
OC4 36 Serous IC G1 56 Positive
OC5 66 Serous IIIA G1 26 Positive
OC6 61 Mucous IIIA G2 >100 Positive
OC7 55 Serous IIIC G3 N Positive
OC8 51 Serous IIA G3 62 Positive
OC9 69 Serous IIIC G3 >100 Positive
OC10 53 Serous IIIA G1 30 Positive
OC11 38 Mucous IA G1 >100 Positive
OC12 47 Serous IIIC G3 N Positive
OC13 64 Mucous IIIA G1 18 Positive
OC14 66 Serous IIIC G3 N Positive
OC15 62 Serous IIIA G2 >100 Positive
OC16 57 Serous IIIA G1 22 Positive
OC17 43 Serous IIA G3 33 Positive
OC18 51 Serous IIIC G3 16 Positive
  1. 18 primary culture cells of ovarian cancer were cultured in 96 well plates or 6 well plates and treated with 10058-F4 as indicated doses. Cell proliferation was assessed by MTT assay.