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Table 3 Daily evaluation form sent home and made out by the owners

From: High dose lansoprazole combined with metronomic chemotherapy: a phase I/II study in companion animals with spontaneously occurring tumors

None 3 episodes per day 5 episodes per day >5 episodes per day >5 per day OR
  OR OR OR days lasting >4 days and
  vomiting lasting 2 days vomiting lasting 4 days for >4 days life threatening
None 2 more stools 6 more stools >6 more stools >6 and life
  than normal than normal than normal hospitalized
None Appetite loss with Salivating or lip Salivation or lip Salivation/lip
  normal eating habits smacking for 12 hrs smacking for 24 hrs smacking >24 h
Normal With treats or diet Appetite loss for 3 days OR Appetite loss for 5 days OR Loss >5 days
  change, ate 100% With treats or diet With treats or diet OR
   change, ate 50% of normal change, ate few bites No interest,
     no appetite
Normal 1-2 episodes per day 2-4 episodes per day 4-6 episodes per day > 6 episodes per day
Normal Mild lethargy Moderate lethargy, difficulty Severe lethargy, only Unable to
   with daily activities gets up to go outside rise on own