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Figure 2

From: A microRNA profile of human CD8+ regulatory T cells and characterization of the effects of microRNAs on Treg cell-associated genes

Figure 2

Functional assessment of CD8 + CD25 + nTreg cell suppressive capacity toward proliferation of allogeneically activated CFSE-labeled T lymphocytes. CFSE dilution analysis shows CD8+CD25+ nTreg-mediated suppression of allogeneic T cell proliferation in 5 days mixed leukocyte reaction (MLR) compared to control MLR and compared to MLR with CD8+CD25 non-Tregs. CFSE dilution histograms are shown for 1:1 suppressor/responder cell ratio. Shown is one representative experiment out of four independent experiments performed. (A) CFSE-labeled allogeneic T cells alone at d0 before MLR. (B) Proliferation of CFSE-labeled allogeneic T cells after 5 days of allo-MLR (control MLR). (C) Allo-MLR in presence of CD8+CD25 non-Treg cells, at day 5. (D) Allo-MLR in presence of CD8+CD25+ nTregs, at day 5.

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