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Figure 2

From: AurkA inhibitors enhance the effects of B-RAF and MEK inhibitors in melanoma treatment

Figure 2

Effect of different drugs on melanoma cell growth in human 3D tissues. H&E (a); S-100 (b) and Ki-67 (c) staining of representative sections from 3D tissues at day 0 culture. H&E (a) staining showed a top bright red layer representing the epidermis; a successive layer of cells with dark blue nuclei consisting of the melanocyte layer and a bottom largely unstained layer representing the dermal stratum (A); representative sections from non-treated and drug-treated 3D tissues, stained with H&E (a, d ,g, l), S-100 (b, e, h, m) and Ki-67 (c, f, i, n) at day 9 (B) and at day 12 (C); H&E, and S-100 staining of day 12 no-treated at different magnification (D) and a dermal stratum representative section from all 3D tissues, stained with S-100 (E). The dimension bar was reported.

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