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Table 2 Tumor and patient characteristics and treatment information of the case series

From: Peritoneal carcinomatosis from ovarian cancer: chemosensitivity test and tissue markers as predictors of response to chemotherapy

Characteristics No. patients
   Primary 7
   Recurrent 23
Histological type  
   Serous 30
Results of cytoreduction  
   CC0 15
   CC1 6
   CC2 4
   Unresectable 5
Peritoneal Cancer Index (mean and range) 22.7 (6-39)
Type of treatment  
   Carboplatin/taxol 17
   Cisplatin/adriamicin 6
   Carboplatin 3
   Carboplatin/gemcitabine 2
   Carboplatin/taxol/gemcitabine 2
  1. CC0, complete cytoreduction; CC1, minimal residual disease; CC2, maximum residual disease