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Figure 5

From: Concomitant detection of IFNα signature and activated monocyte/dendritic cell precursors in the peripheral blood of IFNα-treated subjects at early times after repeated local cytokine treatments

Figure 5

Consistency of IFNα signature in different in vivo and in vitro settings. Heatmap of the 74 cDNA consistently up-regulated by IFNα in any of the in vivo and in vitro settings analyzed. The lists of IFNα-up-regulated genes differentially expressed between all "pre" and "post" samples in healthy donors receiving HBV vaccine plus IFNα (A), all "pre" and "post" samples in Melanoma patients vaccinated with melanoma peptides plus IFNα (B), total PBMC (C) and CD14+ monocytes (D) isolated from healthy donors and untreated or treated with IFNα2b in vitro were matched (see Venn diagram), and the expression of the 74 genes in common among all lists was visualized in each of the databases as separate heatmap. Blue bar: "pre" IFNα plus peptide or vaccine samples; red bar: "post" IFNα in vitro (C, D) or vaccine plus IFNα in vivo samples (A, B); green bar: "post" IFNγ in vitro samples (D).

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