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Table 1 mtDNA sequence data of 14 primate species

From: Frequency and spectrum of mitochondrial 12S rRNA variants in 440 Han Chinese hearing impaired pediatric subjects from two otology clinics

Species name GenBank accession number
Homo sapiens NC_012920
Gorilla gorilla NC_001645
Pan paniscus NC_001644
Pan troglodytes NC_001643
Pongo pygmaeus NC_001646
Pongo abelii NC_002083
Hylobates lar NC_002082
Macaca mulatta NC_005943
Macaca sylvanus NC_002764
Papio hamadryas NC_001992
Cebus albifrons NC_002763
Tarsius bancanus NC_002811
Nycticebus coucang NC_002765
Lemur catta NC_004025