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Figure 2

From: The prognostic impact of Akt isoforms, PI3K and PTEN related to female steroid hormone receptors in soft tissue sarcomas

Figure 2

Disease-specific survival curves for the investigated markers, their expression pattern and coexpression with steroid hormone receptors. A, p-Akt Thr308; B, Akt2; C, PI3K; D, p-Akt Thr308, by cellular expression pattern; E, p-Akt Ser473 in coexpression with ER, men; F, p-Akt Ser473 in coexpression with ER, women. Abbreviations: p-Akt Thr308, Akt phosphorylated at threonin 308; PI3K, phosphoinositide 3-kinase; p-Akt Ser473, Akt phosphorylated at serin 473; ER, estrogen receptor.

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