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Figure 3

From: MicroRNA modulation in complex regional pain syndrome

Figure 3

Circos diagram showing the correlation of selected parameters and miRNAs. The Circos diagram showing the correlation of selected medical conditions with other clinical parameters and miRNAs. The nodes along the circle are colored by the total strength of correlation of the corresponding variable, such that variables with many strong correlations are shown in red. The links between variables indicate their correlation. Only correlations with adjusted p value less than 0.01 are shown. Groups of miRNAs showing similar correlations with other variables are labeled as "miRNAs" for brevity. The links are colored by the Spearman's correlation value, with strong negative correlations shown in darker blue (e.g., narcotics vs. hsa-miR-191) and strong positive correlations shown in darker red (e.g., pain level vs. "IL1ra, VEGF, miRNAs"), as implicated by the color-bar. See the Supplementary table 1 for a complete list of correlations.

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