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Table 2 PCSD1 tumor xenograft passaging and transplantation take-rate.

From: A novel patient-derived intra-femoral xenograft model of bone metastatic prostate cancer that recapitulates mixed osteolytic and osteoblastic lesions

Tumor Passage No. Number of mice injected Number mice with tumor Take-rate
SC 10 10 100%
IF 8 8 100%
SC 18 18 100%
IF 29 19 66%
SC 10 10 100%
IF 23 14 67%
  1. Tumor passage number: P0 = primagraft: primary patient sample injected; P1 = first serial passage of tumor cells, that is, tumor cells harvested from P0 tumors are re-implanted into new mice and tumors allowed to develop; P2 = second serial passage of xenograft tumors; SC = sub-cutaneously transplanted tumors; IF = intra-femorally transplanted tumors.